The Problem of Evil, Part 2

The problem of evil is an issue for Christians in that we can’t fully explain it.  However, Keller says, it’s at least as big of an issue for nonbelievers.  (25)

People with this objection against God say that the world is cruel and unjust.  But, we have to ask ourselves, where does this idea that the world ought to be kind and just come from?  If it’s only our own, subjective idea, then we have no real reason to be angry with God.  But if we hold that the world is really unjust, then there must be some greater, supernatural standard by which we can make this claim.  (26)

So, getting rid of God doesn’t make this problem any more palatable.


About Bryan Stoudt

On my personal website (, I help Christians follow Jesus in a noisy, broken world. I also have the privilege of helping Philadelphia's healthcare students and professionals do this as Area Director for the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA). More information at On a personal note, I'm fortunate to be married to my wonderful wife, Sharon. Together, we have four fantastic children. In my spare time, I enjoy roasting coffee, running, reading and learning foreign languages.
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