Surveys for Medical Students and Graduate Physicians

Some time ago, I was talking to a group of medical students when one of them shared that she hadn’t been to church for awhile.  I was a little surprised at first, but quickly realized that others were probably in the same situation.  She had just been more honest.  And then the thought came to me: “What else are we missing?  We don’t know what we don’t know.”  That small moment led me through a process that has culminated in the following, anonymous, surveys.  By completing it, you will help us better understand what it’s really like to be a medical student or graduate physician in today’s medical environment.

To take the survey, simply click on the appropriate link below and follow the instructions.  Two notes: (1) the year of training adjacent to the link refers to the year of training already completed.  As an example, those who have just completed first-year would take the first-year survey, and so on.  (2) CMDA has/will be sending out these surveys to its members, so feel free to disregard any duplication.  The surveys offer the opportunity to join CMDA (free to students) at the end.

Finally, I’d like to thank Dave Abt, Scott Boyles, Debra Deyton, Norm Hesser, and Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick for their invaluable help in refining and finalizing these surveys.  I couldn’t have done it without them!

First Year Student Survey:

Second Year Student Survey:

Third Year Student Survey:

Fourth Year Student Survey:

Graduate Healthcare Provider:

In the future, we hope to offer versions appropriate to dental students and professionals, as well as medical residents.  Thanks in advance for taking the survey, and helping us help others!


About Bryan Stoudt

On my personal website (, I help Christians follow Jesus in a noisy, broken world. I also have the privilege of helping Philadelphia's healthcare students and professionals do this as Area Director for the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA). More information at On a personal note, I'm fortunate to be married to my wonderful wife, Sharon. Together, we have four fantastic children. In my spare time, I enjoy roasting coffee, running, reading and learning foreign languages.
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